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Season Greeting From The Team!!

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the office, not a manger was stirring, because all the services were flawless. The uniforms were hung on the racks with such care, in hopes that Cintas would soon be there. The technicians were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of broken alternators danced in… Read More

Future and Past of Our New Location!

Our new location!           As we are moving forward in our renovations of the old farm house, its amazing the things that you find appreciation for. The house was built in the late 1800, so there is a lot of very neat finds as you start taking years of  layers off. When… Read More

Growing the Business!

With most businesses, the goal is to grow and expand at a rate that is achievable. There is times in most businesses, where there will be, very slow growth to very rapid growth. Slow growth is obviously easy to handle, and usually that is where plans are being put in place to help the business,… Read More

Iron Equipment is Moving Along!

We are moving along and growing steady! When you own a company, you never really foresee the future. You have all these plans and ideas, but that is what they are at that moment, just ideas and plans. It takes a lot of time and money to actually get those ideas up from that paper… Read More

Iron Equipment in the Pontypool Christmas Parade!

It started off Friday after work, everyone got together and started working on the float for the parade, It was a great effort by everyone and the snowmobile float really started taking shape. Now picture everyone in the shop with paintbrushes, duck tape, pizza and chicken wing, it was a sight and a lot of… Read More

Iron Equipment Christmas Party

It that time of year again, and what a blast this year with the Iron Equipment Team and their Families! This year we decided to shake it up a fabulous dinner at Brio Gusto in Peterborough, and after that we wanted to throw some axes at the Peterborough Axe Club, who wouldn’t right! It was… Read More

We Have A LinkedIn Page

Social media is an important way to get your business information out there and to connect with other businesses. Your able to advertise your business and keep people posted on new and exciting adventures. Using social media allows you to connected with customers and keep them updated on any current news. So we have taking… Read More

Check Out Our Fleet of Trucks and Trailers!

 We are excited to show you are fleet of trucks and trailers. Our mobile welder and power washer trailer, just got their new wraps done two weeks ago. We are so pleased on how they turned out and next year our mobile lube trailer will fit right in with these beauties.  

Videos from Truck Pull Exhibition

Check out IronEquipment In LEX 2023 Exhibition Check out the video from the Millbrook Fair truck Pull! Jack our Lead Hand Heavy Equipment Technician driving one of our field service trucks in the Millbrook fair 2017!

Moving Along

Just Moving Along! Things have been moving along here at Iron Equipment. We are busy with so many things. Josh is finishing putting his new service box on his truck, The offices are getting a make over, the welding trailer and power washer trailer are getting big decals on them for advertisement and pictures are… Read More