Growing the Business!

With most businesses, the goal is to grow and expand at a rate that is achievable. There is times in most businesses, where there will be, very slow growth to very rapid growth. Slow growth is obviously easy to handle, and usually that is where plans are being put in place to help the business, achieve goals, prepare for rapid growth, implement new programs and training. Slow growth is an essential part in the growth process.

Now, the rapid growth is the extremely busy times, sometimes you feel your feet are ahead and your brain is left behind. You have to think quick and make sure everything is running like a well oiled machine. The Technicians, and the Administration staff all have to work together and cohesively. If that balance tilts to one side, it can throw off everything completely and that is when things go wrong and mistakes happen.

So, it is so important to prepare everyone for rapid growth, therefore, everyone stays as a team and works together. Certainly, things go wrong, we are human after all, but it is what follows after that fact, it is how it is dealt with and what is the end result, that is important. We are all just trying to do our best in this massive world of business and the only way I feel success is achieved, is if you do it as a team and stay together through these times.

So, in saying all that, Iron Equipment has gone through and is still in the rapid growth process, and I must say our team is fantastic. I couldn’t be any prouder of these men and women that put them selves out there everyday and help make Iron Equipment a success. We are truly blessed!