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Expert Heavy Equipment Air Conditioning Repair Services by Iron Equipment in Ontario

Maintaining optimal working conditions within heavy equipment is crucial for the comfort and productivity of operators, especially during scorching summer months. When it comes to reliable heavy equipment air conditioning repair in Ontario, Iron Equipment stands as a reputable company that specializes in providing top-notch services. In this blog, we will delve into the expertise… Read More

How to Troubleshoot Common Generator Issues?

Generators are essential technology components for events the outdoors when connections are rare or unavailable. Even the most dependable brands occasionally encounter failures, so it’s critical to understand what to check for when a problem appears.  This thorough troubleshooting guide by Generator Repair Company Oshawa will outline typical issues that can arise with any generators… Read More

Its been a busy beginning to 2023!!

What a crazy couple a years! I hear that way to often, from many different People. But seriously, what a crazy couple of years. Like many buisness we have had our challenges throughout the past couple of years. Even thought it was a rocky road, we have hired some pretty amazing team members along the… Read More

Hey You, Did you know that we service and repair residential generators?

Most people are unaware that Iron Equipment services and repairs residential generators. When you need a semi annual or annual service on your residential generator or in need of some troubleshooting and repair, just give us a call and our team here at our office can help you get an appointment with one of our… Read More

Some things change for the better.

We have a few new changes happening at Iron Equipment, we have retired our Ford F550 crane truck and have replaced it with a 3 ton crane truck, which gives us the ability to get into our customers site and use the crane truck for a variety of different jobs and leave when the crane… Read More

Diagnostic Tools

Electrical trouble shooting Iron Equipment recognizes that we must stay on top of changing technology. Recently, we have purchased a software system called TEXA. This softwaresystem is the off road equipment and heavy highway truck addition. After much research we have found it to be our best solution, delivering the best results for connectivity. Representing… Read More

Wow! What a Year!

2020 has been one crazy roller coaster for everyone. In our home we changed many of our regular routines. However, at Iron Equipment, we have to follow every safety measure possible for our trade. In the office and out in the field are very different and we have put everything in place to keep our… Read More

We Service and Repair Your Air Conditioning!

Is it hot!! Is your air conditioning not working in your heavy equipment, is your driver over heating. Well look no further, we can help you out! Give our office a call and let is know what you need, we can send one of our qualified technicians out to your site and get your air… Read More

Our Commitment Surrounding COVID-19

 Iron Equipment is taking the recent developments surrounding COVID-19 very seriously.  This is a difficult time, and we will get through it together.  It has been dominating our personal and professional conversations, and after taking action on efforts to safeguard family and staff as best as we can, we can now turn our focus to… Read More

Many Changes and Lots of News

We have 3 newer employees, Darren, Dante and Kris, with different backgrounds and different experiences, they bring a lot to Iron Equipment. Darren is our maintenance and mechanical labourer, he come from an industry that is production based. Which means, always fast pace, always on your feet and aware of surroundings at all times. Which… Read More