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Battling the Chill: Winter Preparedness Strategies for Heavy Equipment Mechanics in Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough

  As the temperatures in the Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough areas start to dip, heavy equipment mechanics gear up for a unique set of challenges that the winter season brings. The cold and often harsh conditions demand a strategic approach to maintenance and preparation to ensure that heavy machinery remains operational in the face of… Read More

How to Keep Heavy Machinery Grader Working Flawlessly

Heavy machinery plays a pivotal role in construction and various industrial sectors. These colossal workhorses, such as the heavy machinery grader, are the backbone of many projects, aiding in tasks like leveling terrain, road construction, and maintaining proper drainage. However, to keep these essential machines operating efficiently and safely, regular repair and maintenance are paramount…. Read More

Replacing Excavator Bucket Teeth

With a few tips and tricks on understanding how locking mechanisms operate, bucket teeth replacement doesn’t have to be so difficult.  The bucket teeth on an excavator are also known as Ground Engaging Tools (GET), they are designed to be the wear point on the machine to prevent wear and tear on the bucket adapters…. Read More

What makes an Exemplary Heavy Equipment Operator from the Mechanical Perspective

With over twenty years in the field, it is easily recognisable when an operator takes good care of their machines. An exemplary operator who cares about their equipment never fails to inspect all levels, and always does their best to leave the machine in the best possible shape after every use. Not only do these… Read More

Iron Equipment; Your Local Klondike Retailer

As always we have been very focused on the growth mindset, trying to come up with new ways that we can continue and excel in providing the local community with amazing services. We have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity over the years to take on new talent that helps us to expand… Read More

Step-by-Step Guide to Servicing Your Generator

For a generator to operate effectively and safely, maintenance is necessary. You may need to do different maintenance tasks according to what kind of generator you have. Most generators will require routine services, such as oil changes and filter replacements, once a year or after 50 hours of operation, whichever comes first.  You are advised… Read More

How to Determine the Right Size of Generator for Air Conditioner

An air conditioner in your house may continue to function on a generator even if the electricity goes out; Having the right generator is essential, though. Your chosen generator must supply enough electricity to run your air conditioning system throughout power cuts. Here are a few factors that should be kept in mind if you’re… Read More

Complete Heavy Equipment Maintenance Checklist to Extend Lifespan

Regular heavy-duty truck maintenance, whether commercial vehicles, industrial gear, or construction equipment, is essential to maintain peak performance and avoid expensive failures. In addition to fixing urgent problems, maintaining heavy machinery entails taking preventative actions that will spare you later time, money, and hassles. You’ll be able to maintain your machines operating smoothly and effectively… Read More

Essential Tools List for Heavy-Duty Equipment Repair

Having the appropriate tools on hand is crucial for efficiency when it concerns heavy equipment repair. Having a good mechanic’s tool box on hand significantly speeds up the repair procedure, as most equipment we work on requires  specialized tools. A well-stocked toolbox may expedite your workflow and help you save critical time while repairing, maintaining,… Read More

How to Troubleshoot Common Generator Issues?

Generators are essential technology components for events the outdoors when connections are rare or unavailable. Even the most dependable brands occasionally encounter failures, so it’s critical to understand what to check for when a problem appears.  This thorough troubleshooting guide by Generator Repair Company Oshawa will outline typical issues that can arise with any generators… Read More