Future and Past of Our New Location!

Our new location!          

As we are moving forward in our renovations of the old farm house, its amazing the things that you find appreciation for. The house was built in the late 1800, so there is a lot of very neat finds as you start taking years of  layers off. When the carpets were taken out, the floors reviled this wide dark floor board in one room and in another the wide dark floor board was covered with a dainty thin board. Your reminded of the different times and eras of past. The old plaster and lath has seen better days behind the colourful wallpaper the hides these tiring walls.

The movement of the house, certainly explains the growing family within, the changes of structure over the years, adding more space to suit the needs of the families of the past. This house tells its story very well, and in the time we are there, I hope it starts telling ours. The land that comes with this house is amazing, the old rickety barns that use to hold an abundance of farm animals are now just a shell of the past. The rolling hills fold in the distance and stop where a beautiful hard wood forest lays. This property can tell many stories and as we build our future, we know we are adding ours to this expanding tale.

As time moves on Iron Equipment will expand and change on this property, our growth will continue and our future will be written. We will change many things, create new building and structures and make it our own. This house and land is our innovation, will be a creation and our dreams of the next chapter for Iron Equipment’s future.