Wow! What a Year!

2020 has been one crazy roller coaster for everyone. In our home we changed many of our regular routines. However, at Iron Equipment, we have to follow every safety measure possible for our trade. In the office and out in the field are very different and we have put everything in place to keep our team safe, as well as the public.

With that, we have two new employees that joined us a few months ago, Kristi came to us to fill the position of the controller/ Director of Marketing. She came at the right time, as we switched over a whole new program for our office. “That was lots of fun, right Kristi!” There were many challenges and had a couple outside people come in to give a good old helping hand. “Thank you Kathy and Mike for all your hard work.”

Andrew is our newest to join the field team, and we are happy to have him. Andrew brings his 310T truck and coach as well as his heavy equipment knowledge to the team. So, here is to a great future with our new team members.

The rest of the team has been very busy, keeping up with day to day activities, we have made some great relationship this year with new customers and grown closer with our old customers. Without our team and customers relationships, we wouldn’t have our business, Everyone plays an important role, and with that being said, I believe that is why we have made it through 2020, so far……

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