The National Heavy Equipment Show in Toronto

This years National Heavy Equipment Show was amazing, we met some new people and mingled with some old!

Its always a chaotic adventure to get ready for National Heavy Equipment show. Your trying to figure out how to promote yourselves, what giveaways are appropriate and allows your name out there, and giving people the right materials to know what your business is about. As one of our VIP said, we are mechanics and then went into so much more, it was a great way to start and then inform the people with the rest of the information.

Getting around the show was so important, it gives the chance to see what other are there promoting, allows us as a company to see the different suppliers out there and what they have to offer to our company. Also, its getting to know people in the industry and refreshing old chats with people we already know.

We are so glad to be apart of this show for the second time, we cannot wait until 2021!