What makes an Exemplary Heavy Equipment Operator from the Mechanical Perspective

With over twenty years in the field, it is easily recognisable when an operator takes good care of their machines. An exemplary operator who cares about their equipment never fails to inspect all levels, and always does their best to leave the machine in the best possible shape after every use. Not only do these well taken care of machines generally have less problems overall, but they are typically more safe, have the longest life, and best performance when compared to other machines that may not be as regularly maintained.  

An exemplary operator is easily identifiable by something as simple as the cleanliness of the cab. If the cab is very clean this usually indicates that the operator has a higher level of care for the machine in general. Typically machines with a cleaner cab will also show care on the body of the machine; for example they will be properly greased, all fluids will be topped, and they will be kept in the best shape possible within the operator’s skill set. 

Additionally, an exemplary operator is a safe operator. Someone who follows all safety precautions and uses the operation and maintenance manual during regular upkeep will always have the best working and longest lasting machines. A safe operator is someone who does regular fluid checks, and full circle checks prior to each use to ensure there are no avoidable dangers. If an individual is cautious about their own safety they will be more aware in general about potential dangers and obstacles that can cause injuries to themselves or damage to the machine. Someone who is safe generally has less damage on the body of the machine and is more likely to avoid unnecessary damage caused by reckless use.

Not only is it required by labour laws, but every machine must have an operation and maintenance manual available on site, preferably in the cab. Only an operator who uses this manual can properly understand the unique systems on their particular machine to properly maintain and operate the unit safely. Even as technicians we still will always refer to the maintenance manual to check for unit specific fluid compartments and grease points. This is an operator’s best reference tool for ensuring they are safely and efficiently maintaining their units.¬†As heavy equipment mechanics we appreciate operators who take the time to care for their machines as we want you to get the most out of your machine. For more information on maintenance, parts, and servicing please call Iron Equipment today.