Our Commitment Surrounding COVID-19

 Iron Equipment is taking the recent developments surrounding COVID-19 very seriously.  This is a difficult time, and we will get through it together.  It has been dominating our personal and professional conversations, and after taking action on efforts to safeguard family and staff as best as we can, we can now turn our focus to our customers needs.

 Each of us is taking care of ourselves and families, thus taking care of our fellow employees and their families, thus taking care of our respective communities.

Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace, and how each employee has a role to play in contributing to that commitment. This includes:

•staying away from the workplace when employees (or someone close to them) are displaying flu and cold-like symptoms;

•washing hands often with soap and water where available, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer;

•covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, but not with your bare hand;

•avoiding touching your face, and especially your eyes, nose, mouth and ears; and

•avoiding contact with individuals who are displaying flu and cold-like symptoms.

During the next week, we will closely monitor the situation and make further assessments about how we will be continuing our work. Iron Equipment’s Health & Safety policies applies to our employees while working from home, as in the work space.  Iron Equipment always wants to ensure a safe environment to work in.

Our first and most important priority is to ensure our employees, customers and loved ones safety. Please always consider the government advisories and practice safety.