Many Changes and Lots of News

We have 3 newer employees, Darren, Dante and Kris, with different backgrounds and different experiences, they bring a lot to Iron Equipment.

Darren is our maintenance and mechanical labourer, he come from an industry that is production based. Which means, always fast pace, always on your feet and aware of surroundings at all times. Which brings such a skill to iron equipment. Always on the go, Darren put in effort 100 percent all of the time, never missing a step.

Dante is our apprentice heavy equipment mechanic, he switched fields completely to join our team, and we are glad he did. Dante is eager to learn and enjoys being out in the field learning the tricks of the trade. Putting in the hours needed for his apprenticeship, Dante has some school and test writing in his future of becoming a fully licensed heavy equipment mechanic.

Kris is our L3 Apprentice Heavy Equipment Mechanic, he comes from the rails, working on equipment, which was time sensitive. Kris came to Iron Equipment with a positive out look and excited about the change. Fitting in seamlessly we are happy he made that choice. The next step for Kris is writing an exam and becoming a red seal heavy equipment mechanic.

Lastly, we will be welcoming another Heavy Equipment Mechanic in the next week. We are very excited, however, that is all I am going to say for now!