Its been a busy beginning to 2023!!

What a crazy couple a years! I hear that way to often, from many different People. But seriously, what a crazy couple of years.

Like many buisness we have had our challenges throughout the past couple of years. Even thought it was a rocky road, we have hired some pretty amazing team members along the way. I can honestly say, what a great team we have, full of amazing people with great qualities.

Well 2023, you have started off crazy, and we are growing bigger again. I am happy to say it is very positive and we are looking forward to hiring more Mechanics for field service in the near future. As well, we are hiring a parts specialist currently!

We are adding another field service truck to our fleet, so that of course takes time. The reason it takes so much time is because we have our Service boxes built to fit the trucks we purchase. So it is getting everything lines up. Once we recieve the box and truck then it all has to blend together to create the “Iron Equipment Field Service Truck!” (insert deep narrative voice). Exciting I know.

So, 2023 may be crazy, but that is positive, it means new adventures are going to take place. Which, adventure only leads to new opportunities and new people to meet along the way.