Iron Equipment; Your Local Klondike Retailer

As always we have been very focused on the growth mindset, trying to come up with new ways that we can continue and excel in providing the local community with amazing services. We have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity over the years to take on new talent that helps us to expand our available services and allow us to cater to a more expansive customer base. But now we find ourselves asking… why stop there? 

 We are happy to announce that Iron Equipment is now a retailer for Klondike oils, chemicals and lubricants. Klondike is a Canadian based company that has a vast selection of product blends, each one meeting and exceeding the requirements and demands of universal applications and specifications. The Klondike fluids, lubrication products, and chemicals that we have readily available are not limited to uses in the heavy equipment industry, they extend to uses in construction, agriculture/farming, forestry, on-road heavy duty transportation, foreign and domestic cars, mining and many other industries. The formulation and versatility that Klondike has to offer is what attracted us to the brand in the first place. It is rare to find a brand you like and trust let alone one that offers so much in one place. To name a few product categories, Klondike offers a variety of engine oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids, greases, biodegradable and food-grade lubricants, degreaser, break clean, antifreeze. Clear and concise images and descriptions can be found in their hard copy paper catalog, as well as online on their website with easily accessible Klondike SDS sheets. 

This is an amazing opportunity for us to provide the Eastern GTA, City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland, Belleville, Cobourg, Port Hope, Brighton, Durham Region, Southern Ontario and the surrounding areas  with high performance oils, greases, fluids and chemicals. As a small business who prides itself on good quality services we want to make sure the products we are using are good quality as well. We really feel that these products are absolutely necessary to ensure we have provided the absolute optimal service. Also, as a small business we really love and support our local community and by becoming a retailer for these Canadian based products we are able to supply and make readily available to other local businesses the Klondike product line. 

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Phone: 705-775-4766