Iron Equipment at the Toronto Heavy Equipment Show

The Toronto Heavy Equipment Show


We all know new things can be a little nerve racking, especially when your promoting your company at a big venue for the first time. You continuously question yourself, is this enough advertising, how many business card do I bring, how do we set up the table, do we have enough giveaways, and of course are we ready for this? Well, as these questions run through your head, you just get up at 5 am and take a deep breathe and just do it.

We got to the show to set up and within 15 minutes we were done, and I must say it looked pretty good. The people on both sides of us were absolutely fantastic and really gave us some good advise. It took about two hours for the show to get into full swing and boy was it busy. We chatted with many people and met some great contacts. We learned that some people really like the giveaways a lot. I remember one man saying he collects over 30 pens and puts them on his desk at work for all to have.

All and all, the two days were very busy, and very well worth all the dreading, butterflies and effort. It turned out to be a great show and we did make some positive connections. Can’t wait for the Toronto Heavy Equipment Show in 2019, because we are doing it again.