Iron Equipment enters into the truck pull in Millbrook

Entering into truck pull in Millbrook

In the beautiful village of Millbrook, Ontario, they held there annual fair on June 8-11th. During this time they have an event called the truck pull. I remember when my children were young, they loved this event and during the time when the trucks were pulling their most, my children had their many questions to ask.

Jack, our Lead Hand Heavy Equipment Technician, called up and suggested the idea of putting the old service truck into the show. Jamie, the owner of Iron Equipment, was excited about the idea and agreed.

Making his way down to the Millbrook fair grounds Jamie took his seat and Connie our Director of Accounting and Administration, sat next to him. The trucks were loud and were adjusted to make lots of noise, smoke and power. A few trucks later the Iron equipment truck showed up for the pull. No fancy adjustments, no smoke and no crazy noises. However, the old girl did very well and Jack behind the wheel guided her into the old girls first truck pull.

No they didn’t win the truck pull, but did not come in last either, pulling 241 feet. It was a proud moment for all and a start of a tradition here at Iron equipment.

I must send out a big “Thank You” to Jack for his suggestion and his dedication.