Busy at Iron Equipment’s new location!

Its been a very busy summer trying to develop the business in our new location on Syer Line, which we bought back in November. It does still look like a Farm, which is pretty cool, because of the history we keep coming across as we go through things. However, it feels like a old farm as we replace the old well lines, electrical, foundations and heating source to bring it up to efficiency.

As things keep moving along with the property, we are developing idea of what we want to see in the future for an Iron Equipment facility. Ideas of course come and go, but the fun of dreaming up a new building and its functions are exciting on its own.

As a business we are looking into how to keep move forward and keep growing. What does that look like, and how we grow always depends on the economy. We have a great management team that is faced with these questions and different challenges everyday. The team collaborates together to come up with possible strategies and ideas to make growth and moving ahead possible.

The Technicians are busy out in the field providing the best service possible. These people are so very knowledgeable and are out in the elements at customers sites working hard to get the machines up and doing the work that needs to be done. We have had lots of training this year to keep the Technicians up to date, which fuels the forward thinking Iron Equipment is always tring to develop.

Iron Equipment is built from an incredible Team, from our Management Team, Technicians, Office staff, and Labourer we all play an important role, none are any less important. Without this Team we would not be where we are, it takes each and every one of us to build this foundation, we call Iron Equipment.