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Industrial Generator Services

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Our certified mechanics are highly trained.

Commercial and industrial generator services

Iron Equipment prides itself on providing commercial and industrial generator services that follow code regulations CSA 282-9, keeping our customers in compliance with building and fire codes. We are T.S.S.A regulated to provide complete generator fuel assessment, upgrades and repairs. We service diesel generators, gas generators and natural gas generators. We have full load bank testing capabilities to make sure your stand-by and prime power generators are running efficiently. We provide full fluid sampling services including fuel, oil and coolant. Iron Equipment Ltd. has been servicing generators in the City of Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland, Peterborough, and the surrounding areas since 2011.

We believe our commitment to our customers; quality of workmanship and detailed reporting will allow us to continue for many more years.

Generator Services:

  • Weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual and 5-year inspections with comprehensive checklists
  • Diagnostics and repair to stationary generators and mobile generators
  • On-site mobile lubrication service including fluid sampling
  • Load bank testing
  • Fuel injector and fuel system maintenance and upgrades
  • Mobil heated wash services
  • Start up and new installation
  • 24/7 on-site emergency services

We understand your needs and we are available for on-site emergency repair. Our certified mechanics are highly trained. We use quality brand name oil products and filters that meet or exceed OEM standards and expectations.

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is an important and integral part of preventative maintenance which ensures that your back up generator is working at its highest reliability. Load bank testing involves applying a calculated load at the level the unit was designed to carry. Load bank testing is required annually to be in compliance and is an essential part of maintaining and servicing your diesel generator. Regular load bank testing can greatly decrease the risk of generator failure during a power outage.

Fuel Systems

Iron Equipment is TSSA registered, allowing us to provide complete generator fuel systems assessments, upgrades and repairs.

Fuel System Services:

  • Safe removal of existing fuel systems
  • Generator fuel pump sizing and selection
  • Day tank sizing and selection
  • Fuel tank and C.S.A. associated plumping
  • Fuel quality test
  • Fuel tank cleaning
  • Control, monitoring, technology selection and integration
  • Complete TSSA certified and ESA approved

As a part of TSSA requirements we regularly conduct the following inspections Inspections conducted as required:

  • Full OBT 1 fuel oil safety inspection
  • Above ground fuel tank TSSA compliance inspection and reports
  • Fuel piping system integrity, leaks and spills risk assessment
  • Appliance report

All our fuel tank installations will comply with TSSA regulations, adapted safety codes, standards and requirements.

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